This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about various topics in the CORE Rental Assistance Program. This page is updated frequently, so please check back if you don't find answers to your questions.

I submitted my pre-application and got an email back from [email protected], is there anything I can do to help speed up the processing?

Not if all of the required documents are uploaded and accurate. Every email, call, office visit, text and other communication we receive the less time that our staff are spending processing rental assistance pre-apps and apps. Please check your email regularly for updates or requests for additional information.

What is the average wait time to hear back about my pre-application?

It truly depends on when it was submitted and if all of the documents from BOTH the landlord and tenant meet the federal requirements. We are still processing pre-apps from the first day of the program due to many of them being sent back to the applicant for additional income documents and/or the landlord for detailed ledgers, incomplete leases, or unsigned W9 forms. Every pre-app needs both tenant and landlord piece to be complete for them to move into the application review stage. From that point payment processing occurs within 1 week.

I submitted a pre-application a month ago, and my rent is now two+ months behind, is there a way to check on my pre-application?  I am very worried about going deeper in debt or losing my housing.

Yes, when you submitted your pre-application you receive a confirmation email with a link at the very bottom left side. Click on that link and it will let you know where your application is at in the process

We received over 4000 landlord AND tenant pre-applications in the first weeks of the program. The U.S. Treasury issued new guidance on Feb 22 which meaning we could not even begin the review process until we were able to review this guidance and make any adjustments to the program that were required. The first application submitted on Feb 17th 9:00am was processed the first week of March and we have been at it ever since. We know this doesn’t reduce your stress and truly are working as quickly as possible, 7 days a week.

I received CARES assistance in 2020; can I apply for CORE assistance?

Yes, as long as the assistance provided for an eligible household does not duplicate other assistance, including federal, state, or local assistance provided for the same rental period.

Are subsidized rental units (Section 8, Section 42, public housing, etc.) eligible for assistance?

Yes, an eligible household that occupies a federally-subsidized residential or mixed-use property may receive assistance, provided that funds are not applied to costs that have been or will be reimbursed under any other federal program. Only the tenant portion of rent can be authorized for rental assistance payment.

What costs CAN be covered?

Back-owed rent, late rent fees and other charges (pet fees, utilities, etc) that are eligible (per WIS law) and included within the lease document:

  • Back-owed rent - Eligible households can receive up to 12 months of assistance for back-owed rent (from March 12th, 2020 to present)
  • Late rent fees - These fees can be covered as long as they are are in compliance with the lease agreement
  • Utility or home energy costs that the landlord passes on to the tenant as stated in the lease agreement 
  • Other fees that are allowable under WI law AND agreed upon within the lease.

What costs  WILL NOT be covered?

  • Mortgage payments
  • Ground leases 
  • Utility bills that are paid directly to Utility complanies (MG&E, Alliant, etc) by the tenant
  • Future rent
  • Back owed rent for deceased tenants

How do households document $0.00 income?

Tenants have multiple options for documenting $0.00 income:

  1. A signed letter from a case manager or other professional with knowledge of a household's circumstances certifying that the applicant's household income qualifies them for assistance.
  2. For tenants in subsidized housing, a determination letter (from January 1st, 2020 or later) from a government agency that verifies the applicant's household income qualifies for the housing subsidy.

I am paid in cash and have not filed taxes, how do I document income?

There are three options for documenting cash income:

  1. Bank statements showing regular income being deposited;
  2. A signed letter from your employer detailing your rate of pay and hours scheduled per week;
  3. A signed letter from a case manager or other professional with knowledge of a household's circumstances certifying that the applicant's household income qualifies them for assistance.

There's a mistake on my application, how do I fix it?

Reply to your confirmation email from [email protected] with the corrected information or correct documents.

Can I fax or mail documents to TRC?

No, the federal restrictions on these funds require both tenants and landlords to submit pre-applications for each unit (each household; not each tenant within the household). So we greatly appreciate your efforts to send us materials, but both tenants and landlords will be required to complete the pre-application form itself.

I have a roommate, do we need to submit two pre-applications?

If you are both jointly and severally liable for rent (or both are on the same rental agreement), you only need to submit one pre-application and include your other household members where asked. One roommate should take the lead on the pre-application and gather the necessary income documentation for all other adult household members.

My landlord already submitted a pre-application, do I need to submit a pre-application too?

Yes, both tenants and landlords must submit signed pre-applications with all required documents.

I work for a business that doesn't provide typical pay stubs or wage statements, how do I document my income?

This is a common issue for individuals who work for Sharing Economy jobs such as DoorDash, Uber, or Lyft. Please provide a screenshot of your payout summaries from the app and bank statements to show your regular income. These must show your full name so that we can verify who's income it is and be gross income.

I receive Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), does it count towards my household's annual income?

Yes, PUA benefits are included in an individual's gross income for federal income tax purposes. An individual will receive a Form 1099-G to file with their income taxes which serves as documentation of this source of income.

I am applying for assistance, but my lease is about to end. Can I still apply?

If you are currently occupying the unit at the time of payment processing, you are eligible! 

I am a landlord, can I submit one application for all of my tenants?

No, the federal restrictions on these funds require a pre-application to be submitted for each unit (each household; not each tenant within the household).

My tenant says they applied for assistance with CORE, but I didn't receive an email, what do I do?

Submit a pre-application! Your tenant may not have included your email address on their pre-application form, but the process is designed to allow either party to submit their pre-application, regardless of who submits theirs first or whether or not the other party has already submitted their pre-application.