Date updated: 8/16/2021

The Dane County CORE Program started accepting applications on February 17th, 2021. This program offers rental assistance to tenants in Dane County who meet the program's eligibility requirements. The program covers back-owed rents incurred after 3/12/2020 and late rent fees.

Below is an update on the CORE Program as of 8/16/2021.

Awaiting Initial Review: These are pre-applications that haven't gone through the initial review process where we take a first look at documentation and eligibility. Pre-applications in this step are either waiting for a pre-application from the other party (tenant or landlord) or are still awaiting review by our staff. 
As of 8/16/21: 315 Pre-Applications

Step 1 Review: Pre-applications that have had a first look by our review staff. These pre-applications are waiting for a connection to the other party's (tenant or landlord) pre-application for the joint review step, or have items that need to be corrected before joint review. 
As of 8/16/21: 3,926 Pre-Applications

Step 2 Review: Applications that have gone through the joint review and are awaiting the finance review before payment is issued. 
As of 8/16/21: 145 Pre-Applications

Payment Issued: Applications that have completed the review process and payment has been mailed to the landlord. 
As of 8/16/21: 8,447 Pre-Applications

Application Incomplete: Pre-applications that have been started, but haven't yet been completed and submitted. 
As of 8/16/21: 3,414 Pre-Applications

For more information on the review process, please see our Process Page.



  For more details on requests by zip code, please see our map below.

For more details on why pre-applications are held, see our common pitfalls to the right. The chart above shows the percent of pre-applications that have gone through the review process (any step) and have had to be held for any reason (missing documentation, questions of eligibility, etc.). Note: this data includes pre-applications that may have since been completed, abandoned, or determined to be ineligible for the program.

Income Documentation: Income documents must include the name of the applicant, be legible, and provide the complete page shown (most images of part of a page won't be sufficient to document income). 

Household Members: Income documentation is required for all adult household members listed on the lease. When reviewing application materials, we often find that tenants haven't included the other members of the household or their income documents. Note: If one member of the household doesn't have any income, we are required to collect documentation showing the lack of income for that household member in addition.

Rent Ledgers: In order to determine which months of rent are owed, rent ledgers must be sufficiently detailed to show the amount of rent owed by each month, detail any payments that were made by the tenant, and show the running balance owed for each month (including payments). Many of the ledgers submitted either have a "balance forward" at the start of the report period which prevents us from showing which months are owed and eligible for assistance. To be sure your rent ledger is sufficient, please be sure it includes the information above and goes back to March 2020 so that we can document the eligible months of rent for assistance.

For more information on documentation, please see our Documents Page.


This map shows the total amount of assistance requested by Zip Code. This information is drawn from landlord pre-application materials and reported balances. Please note: during the review process, these balances are adjusted to match the rent ledger provided in the application materials and zip codes are updated if the unit address is incorrect.

Payments are processed on a weekly basis on Thursdays. Please note: due to the volume of payments processed, you may get payment notifications on Thursday so that we can prioritize getting the payment out with the same day's mail.